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Fastener 4 – July 2022 Featuring Loksert

Q1:  How do Loksert inserts work?
A:  Once installed, the keys are driven into the parent material providing a positive mechanical lock against rotation.
Q2:  How many keys are there in Loksert inserts?
A:  For internal diameters up to 1/4″ & M6, there are two keys per insert.  Larger sizes have 4 keys. 
Q3:  Are self-locking inserts available?
A:  Yes, Loksert inserts with an internal locking feature are available.  The self-locking feature prevents the mating fastener from backing out of the hole in vibration prone assemblies.
Q1:  Do Loksert inserts come in different lengths?
A:  No, there is a single standard length for all Loksert inserts.  That data can be found in the manufacturer’s literature or on their website.

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