Informational Videos About Threaded Inserts for Plastic and More!

Providing threaded inserts for plastic and more.Crossroad Distributor Source is your source for threaded inserts for plastic and metal, universal helicoil inserts, tools, and more. Typically, thermoset plastics have a molecular structure that is permanently shaped in the manufacturing process. In our experience, this type of material generally responds best to molded-in or pressed-in inserts. You can find inserts for this application on our site. You can also review our complete inventory and then call or email us to order the parts you are looking to stock in your store(s) and/or warehouse. Make sure you watch our informational videos to learn more about our product offerings.

silbertool presentation 2018 en 2

Silbertool - Truck Axle Repair R110

Pneumatic Installation of PowerCoil Inserts

Loksert Installation Pneumatic Tool

Loksert Installation Hand Tool

Light years ahead r110 v1 1

Light years ahead R60

Light years ahead R36

Light years ahead R16

How to repair an M36X4

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