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Fastener 4 – March 2022


What is Bondsert and commonly asked questions:

Q:  What is Bondsert?

A:  Bondsert is an internally and externally threaded fastener with Loctite™ 204 adhesive applied to the external threads.  They are interchangeable with E-Z Lok® thread inserts for metal.

Q:  What are the applications for Bondsert?

A:  Bondsert provides a stronger fastener assembly in soft materials such as aluminum, magnesium and even cast iron.  They can be used for repairing stripped threads, and for use in creating stronger threads in original equipment.  They are available in both thin wall and heavy wall styles, and in both C12L14 carbon steel and 303 stainless steel.

Q:  How is Bondsert installed?

A:  Bondsert external threads are manufactured with standard size and pitch to permit the use of standard drills and taps.  They can be installed with a screwdriver, bolt/jam nut or power drive tools.

Q:  Is Bondsert a better solution when compared to wire thread inserts or key-locking inserts?

A:  Not really.  Wire thread inserts are a lighter and less expensive solution.  Key-locking inserts are an overall heavyweight solution.  All have styles which are vibration resistant.  With Bondsert, within minutes of installation the Loctite™ 204 adhesive begins to set and within 5 minutes is fastener ready and will not back out.  A key advantage of Bondsert is that the Loctite™ 204 adhesive seals against liquids and gases up to 6,000 psi when fully cured after 72 hours.

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