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Topic – Crossroad Distributor Source

Answers provided by Owner and President, Scott Campbell

Q1: When & Why did Crossroad Distributor Source get started? 

A: Crossroad Distributor Source started business in September 2004 as a master distributor of blind rivets, thread insert systems and the Black Book technical reference series. Our primary competitors at the time were large companies that in my opinion had lost their focus on customer service, thus creating an opportunity in a market where I had 16 year’s experience. 

Q2: What’s been your favorite part of starting Crossroad Distributor Source? 

A: Without a doubt, improving our product offering in both quality and innovative packaging, and watching the company grow. The interaction with our customers has been great as had the corroboration with our world-wide suppliers. We have a great partner who is for the most part silent but has added good value to the business through the marketing and design skills of his team and his global contacts.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the prior ten years of my career had been with Fortune 500 companies. Plenty of good experience, but the rat race of corporate life coupled with non-value-added competitive infighting and endless meetings was a less than pleasant experience. Starting Crossroad was not an easy task but the best thing I’ve done in my career. Was able to leave the past behind me, work with my son and other great people while having some fun doing what I love.

Q3: If you could change anything about Crossroad or the path you’ve taken to get here, what would it be? 

A: We made a few strategic errors in the beginning with product line selections and suppliers. Fortunately, these ‘errors’ were caught early and corrected. Of course, I’d have preferred no mistakes but it’s not a perfect world. The best change in direction came with the association with our partner.

Q4: What are your future plans for Crossroad Distributor Source? 

A: We try not to look too far forward in the future, wanting to keep our focus on the present and short-term. First, and foremost, to continue to improve all aspects of our business and customer relations. In recent years we developed a strong partnership with the manufacturer of one of our major product lines. This partnership is fantastic, and we will continue to expand and grow this product line and increase market share. We are always looking for new products, so I expect there to be additions going forward. Lastly, we will be opening an office/warehouse in the Toronto area Q2 2020 and looking forward to directly entering the Canadian market.

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