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Steve Urhausen celebrates 25 years with a company spotlight in Link Magazine

It makes me proud to write this article, but more importantly humble and thankful.
Proud because this year we celebrate 25 years of value that All American Systems has brought to the industry as manufacturer’s reps. As sales agents, we coordinate and communicate with distributors, OEM engineers and ultimately our principals who are held to quality and delivery standards to complete the sales channel.
Humble because it takes a team to accomplish what we have, and with over 100+ years of combined fastener experience, my three associates and I operate to a higher standard of performance putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, treating them with respect no matter how big or small the opportunity is. The next opportunity could be even bigger!
Thankful for all the suppliers that have put their trust in us to grow their sales and pin the future of their business on our efforts …. something that is never lost to me as a business owner, knowing you have employees and their families relying on sound business decisions for survival and prosperity. And, certainly thankful for our customers who open their doors and listen to us time and again, willing to hear about a new product or new supplier and why they deserve a closer look and opportunity to quote.
Over the years, All American Systems has been blessed (see “humble”) to represent some of the best and most progressive manufacturers and master distributors in the business!
I always say that it is easy to be a good rep for good companies. Sure, there have been a few “stinkers’ along the way, but thanks to them also, because we come out of those arrangements wiser, more motivated, and determined to forge ahead.
Direct sales force, or sales reps? It’s a question that will be debated forever. Did you get the order because of the rep or despite the rep? Some orders are 100% due to the rep’s relationship, some are not, but most results lie somewhere between those two scenarios. A good rep will work hard promoting your company and products … at their own expense, that they may never benefit from, so it all balances out.
The term “value” is used often in our industry and it is something we strive to bring every day and in every relationship with our customers and with the companies we represent. Thank you for believing in us!

Congratulations to the All American Systems team and here’s to another successful 25 years!

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