Silbertool Named Top Product of 2016 by Fastener Technology International

The Silbertool Rolling Process was named a top product of 2016 by Fastener Technology International in their latest release. This tool has gained such recognitions for it’s ability to repair any damaged thread with its simple rolling process.

With Silbertool, there is no need to replace expensive components due to heavily damaged threads, but preserving it’s original geometry is critical. Silbertool does not remove material, but rather re-rolls the thread back to its original geometry. The Silbertool Rolling Process is a safe and simple procedure, repairing any external thread form of any metallic material. Silbertool is used manually, so there is no external energy supply required. To learn more about the Silbertool Thread Rolling Process or to purchase your own Silbertool, visit –


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